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Like everyone else, Extinction and Animal Rebellion have the right to protest and the right to assemble. But, they do not have the right to disrupt communities, businesses and cause misery from Londoners.

We are deeply disappointed that XR have announced these two weeks of action that includes over the Bank Holiday weekend, one of the busiest policing weekends for the Met. As Londoner’s would expect, there will be a comprehensive policing plan with City of London Police, in order to respond. No matter where XR decide to protest or take direct action in London, we will be fully prepared. However, their action will undoubtedly result in police officers being taken away from communities across London.

You’ll be aware from previous updates that the Met is highly experienced at responding to acts of civil disobedience across London and we have specialist teams that will help keep disruption to a minimum.

Londoners can expect to see a high number of police officers committed to this policing operation. Our response to any disruptive events will be firm, proportionate and if necessary, we are prepared to make arrests where needed.

Our Protester Removal Teams are known world-wide for their expertise and specialism in removing disruptive protesters. They are experts and train on a daily basis to ensure they can respond to any event.

Firearms Licensing

Following the awful firearms incident in Plymouth, the Government asked all police forces to review their firearm application processes. In the Met, applicants and their addresses are run through all police databases before any application is proceeded with. The Specialist Firearms Command have a licensing unit who on a daily basis monitor any new information about the licence holder for example, have they been arrested or has there been a burglary at a premises where the firearms are kept.  

The Met has already also adopted elements of the statutory guidance from Government including a new process introduced in July this year, in conjunction with the London wide Medical Council, which requires new applicants to provide a GP report, whether they declare medical issues or not. Prior to this the policy only required a medical report if an applicant self-declared a relevant medical issue.


I’m sure many will have been watching in shock at events unfolding in Afghanistan and that for some in our communities this will be particularly worrying due to family or friends currently in Afghanistan. Others who have served over there in the military or have family members who may also be particularly impacted.

We are aware that the government has announced a scheme for those who have been forced to flee their home or face threats of persecution from the Taliban and that they will be offered a route to set up home in the UK permanently. More detail can be found here:

Domestic Abuse

I thought you might be interested in a short update on our work to tackle domestic abuse. 

Nine months ago we introduced Predatory Offender Units to all 12 local policing basic command units across London, focused solely on finding and arresting high harm offenders. To date the teams have arrested more than 2,000 suspects, these include 1,312 arrests for domestic abuse, 378 for sex offences and 115 for child abuse offences. They will leave no stone unturned in their efforts to arrest perpetrators. They work closely with other forces and enforcement agencies, even if they are outside of London.

Many people aren’t aware of a service available called Clare’s Law which enables the public who put an application in via the scheme to get information from the police about whether their partner has a history of domestic abuse. Checks can also be conducted on previous partners where they have access rights to a child. This service can really help the public make an informed decision about their relationships and any potential risks to them. Anyone wanting to find out more or to make an application can do so here. We’d really appreciate you helping us spread awareness of it.

I’m pleased to say we have continued to enhance our response and support to domestic abuse survivors. This includes the launch of online reporting to support survivors being able to contact us remotely. In addition we have embarked on a significant training programme for all our frontline officers called Domestic Abuse Matters, in just four weeks we have trained 3,000 officers. We aim to have 8,000 officers trained by October. The training will help officers to better identify and evidence coercive controlling behaviour, recognise offender tactics and understand the dynamics of domestic abuse.

We know domestic abuse remains under-reported and largely not very visible to many of the public, given it is mainly occurring behind closed doors in the place that people should feel safe, their home.

We continue to encourage anyone suffering from domestic abuse – whether coercive and controlling behaviour or physical abuse - to come forward and report the offending to us. We will take all allegations extremely seriously and help survivors to access the help and support available. If you know someone who is in an abusive relationship please encourage them to seek help.



It has been another very busy few weeks for policing in London with some excellent results:

  • Two key players in an organised criminal network which our proactive teams seized 135kg of cocaine and over £6 million cash from have been sentenced at Kingston Crown Court for nine and five years respectively.
  • The weekend before last two people were convicted at Harrow Crown Court in relation to modern slavery offences. The co-defendants had arranged the travel of victims from Brazil to the UK, making them work, once here, as prostitutes, controlling their earnings and movements, and forcing on them up to 20 clients a day. These women were eventually located and safeguarded, and their support gave important evidence for the case and resulted in both defendants pleading guilty to multiple counts of arranging and facilitating travel to exploit and controlling prostitution.

Our proactive teams have been targeting the criminal activities of gangs in the Stonebridge area of Brent. Last Thursday, the teams executed a search warrant in Creukhorne Road NW10 and subsequently found three handguns – a fully loaded Glock, a fully loaded revolver and a fully loaded Mauser pistol, as well as more than 100 rounds of ammunition. This action has undoubtedly contributed to a much a safer summer there, so far. Two people were arrested as part of the operation.

As always thank you for taking the time to read and share this message.

With kindest regards

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