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The second proposal was very similar but the tower height was reduced to 12 storeys. The new plan included a large ground floor space on the corner which they said could be used as a community area. We rejected this based again on height, loss of the pub, and also raised concerns about the proximity to existing buildings.

It is worth mentioning that all of the plans retained a central garden.

At our final meeting they brought forward a plan which lowered the corner building to 9 storeys, set back the smaller blocks from the church and adjacent homes - retaining the trees as a privacy barrier, and offered the whole ground floor of the corner block with outdoor seating space to be used as an eatery/drinks venue.

If we are being honest, this still isn't the ideal scenario and we expressed that strongly. However, we want to know what residents think. It isn't our decision, it is the community's.

The developers have submitted a pre-application to the council and we are going to organise an informal meeting in mid-November for all residents to attend, look at, and discuss the plans.

It is our hope that an agreement between the developers, council, and the community can be reached but we have made it abundantly clear that if residents are opposed to the final plans following November's meeting, we will stand with you and campaign against the development.